This page is arranged in rough chronological order with the earliest dates first.

1527 – An agreement about Smelting of lead from Greenhow

1699 – Account of Lead at York belonging to Richard Taylor and Thomas White

1707 – An Extract from the Account Book of Thomas White

1782 – Gillfield Mine

1790 – A Memorial of Leases of Lead Mines at Greenhow

1809 – A Boundary Dispute between John Yorke Esq and Sir Thomas Woollaston White Bart

1824 – A Plan of Sunside Mining Ground situate at Bewerley in the County of York agreed to be leased by the trustees of the late Sir Thomas Woollaston White Bart. to Messers Thomas Hopper & Co. Scale 8 Chains to an Inch. By Nathan Newbould & son.
Please note that this plan is large and may take a couple of minutes to display.

1827 – A page from the Cockhill & Sunside Mines Ledger 1827-1829, kept by their agent, Nathan Newbould.

1844 – A report on the state of the Principal Levels in the Greenhow Mines with remarks on some of the Veins and Workings, June 1844

1895 – Bradford Corporation Water Works on Greenhow A short article written by Shirley Everett.

1995 – A History of The Greenhaugh Mining Company. Written by Mike Gill and published in British Mining No 55. Memoirs of the Northern Mine Research Society (1995). Reproduced here with his kind permission.