Charter of Appletreewick 1300

Charter of Appletreewick 1300

I transcribed and partially translated this Charter of Appletreewick some years ago, but now my Latin is very rusty. If anyone can complete/correct the translation I would be grateful. The round brackets ( ) indicate letters missing from the text of the original document which used standard scribes abbreviations. The square brackets [ ] contain my comments.

Sciant p(re)sentes et futuri q(uo)d ego Jacob(us) de Eston concessi dedi et hac p(re)senti carta mea confirmavi deo et beate Maria et relois viris Priori et Conventui de Boulton in Craven et eo(rum) sucessionibus totum man(er)ium meum de Apeltrewike cum toto d(o)m(in)o eiusdem man(er)ii et cum om(n)ib(us) suis p(er)tinenciis lib(er)tatib(us) et asiam(en)tis d(i)c(t)o man(er)io qualitercumq(ue) p(er)tinentib(us) una cum mineris. Wayvis tollonus et stallagus sine ullo retenem(en)to. Habend(um) et tenend(um) p(re)d(ic)tis Priori et Conventui et eo(rum) uccessioib(us) de d(omi)no rege et he(re)dib(us) suis in lib(er)am et puram elemosinam imp(er)petuum. Et ego vero p(re)d(ict)as Jacob(us) et heredes mei p(re)d(i)c(tu)m man(er)ium cum om(n)ib(us) suis p(er)tinent sicut p(re)d(i)c(tu)m est p(re)d(i)c(t)is Priori et Conventui et eo(rum) successionib(us) Warantizabim(us) imp(er)petuu(m). In cui(us) rei testimoniu(m) p(re)senti carta sigillu(m) meum apposui. Hiis testib(us) d(o)m(inu)s et hom de Alia ripa Rob(er)to de Stiveto Henrico de Kygheley Joh(ann)e _ _ _ _ _ _ militib(us) Reynero de Knol Will(elm)o de Hebbedene Will(elm)o de Marton Elya de Chressels Everardo Fawiel Will(elm)o de Cestreu _ _ d Will(elm)o Seserts et alus multis. Data apud Apeltrewike octavo decimo die Aprilis Anno regn(i) regis Edwardi filii Henrici vicesimo octavo.

Know, men present and future, that I Jacob of Eston, have given, granted and by this my present charter confirmed to God and to the blessed Mary and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ [relois viris] Priory and Convent of Boulton in Craven [Bolton Abbey] and the successors of them, all my manor of Apeltrewike [Appletreewick] with all the same to the Lord of the Manor and with all their appurtenances, liberties and easements for the said manor howsoever appurtenances together with minerals.

[Not sure of the next bit… Wayvis tollonus et stallagus sine ullo retenem(en)to. wayvis – right to sieze, waive, abandon. tollonus – toll house, toll booth]

To have and to hold the aforesaid Priory and Convent and their successors of the ruling lord [de domino rege – of the ruling lord?] and his heirs and free and pure alms forever. And truly I the aforesaid Jacob and my heirs shall guarantee the aforesaid manor with all its appurtenances just as aforesaid and the aforesaid Priory and Convent and their successor forever.

In witness where of I have affixed my seal to (this) present charter.

These being witnesses: Robert of Stiveto, Henry of Kygheley [Keighley], John _ _ _ _ _ _ , knight, Reynero de Knol, William of Hebbedene [Hebden], William of Marton, Elya of Chressels, Everard Fawiel, William of Cestreu _ _ d, William Seserts and many others.

Given at Apeltrewike [Appletreewick] on the 18th day of April in the 28th year of the reign of King Edward son of Henry.
[28 Edward I, Monday 18th April 1300]


From the J.E.E. Yorke MSS, Leeds Reference Library [MIC 942.742 C385]

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