Source Information

Source Information

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Author Title Date
Blackah, Thomas Songs & Poems written in the Nidderdale Dialect 1867
Blackah, Thomas Dialect Poems & Prose (compiled by Harald Bruff) 1937
Bruff, Harald J L T’ill an’ T’oade uns upuv Greenho’ 1920
Bruff, Harald J L T’ Miners. Character sketches of old Yorkshire Lead Miners 1924
Carruthers, R G &
Strahan, Sir Aubrey
Memoirs of the Geological Survey, Special Reports of the Mineral Resources of Great Britain, Vol XXIV Lead & Zinc Ores of Durham, Yorkshire & Derbyshire 1923
Wilson, Albert A & Dunham, Sir Kingsley Geology of the Northern Pennine Orefield, Vol 2 Stainmore to Craven 1980
Gill, Michael C The Greenhow Mines,
British Mining Series of the Northern Mine Research Society No 60
Grainge, William Nidderdale 1862
Grainge, William History & Topography of Harrogate & the Forest of Knaresborough 1871
Greenhow Local
History Club
Life on the Hill – Greenhow 2005
Hargrove History of Knaresborough 1789
Jennings, Bernard (Ed) A History of Nidderdale 1983
Mitchelmore, D H J (Ed) The Fountains Abbey Lease Book
Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series CXL
Raistrick, Arthur Lead Mining in the Mid Pennines 1973
Sigsworth, E M The Lead Miners of Wharfedale & Nidderdale 1841-1881
Speight, Harry Upper Nidderdale 1906
Thorpe, J The Tourists Guide to the Beauties of Netherdale 1860
Weatherhead, W History of Netherdale 1839
Whitehead, Thomas Illustrated Guide to Nidderdale 1932


Author Title Publication
Gill, Michael C Harald Bruff and the
Greenhaugh Mining Company Ltd
Memoirs of the
Northern Mine Research Society
1995. British Mining No 60
Street, Malcolm (Ed) My Life by George Boddy Memoirs of the
Northern Mine Research Society
1989. British Mining No 39

Manuscripts etc

Backhouse MSS Leeds Reference Library Mining Orientated abt
Bruff, Harald J L Brotherton Library, Leeds University Various Annotated Books
Yorke Records Halton Place, Hellifield, North Yorkshire
Catalogue at West Yorkshire Archive Service, Sheepscar, Leeds
Estate Records abt 1600 to Date


Leeds Reference Library Leeds
Registry of Deeds Wakefield
West Yorkshire Archive Service Sheepscar, Leeds
West Yorkshire Archive Service County Records Office, Wakefield
Yorkshire Archaeological Society “Claremont”, Clarendon Road, Leeds

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