Hilltop Cottage

Hilltop Cottage

hilltopmapHilltop cottage is at the top of Church Bank. Formerly occupied by the Longthorn family for a hundred years or so. The building had 2  upper and 2 lower rooms for living accommodation with a barn attached. There was no electricity, gas or mains water up to the time it was sold in 1984.

Hilltop Cottage - William & Hannah Longthorne c1920In the picture are William Longthorn (1847-1933) and his wife Hannah, nee Marshall (1851-1925). Their son Fred lived there nearly until his death in 1980. The upper photograph taken abt 1920, the lower photograph about 1960.

Hilltop Cottage around 1960








Map image produced from the www.old-maps.co.uk service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd
and Ordnance Survey

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  1. “Old Will” was my grandmothers grandfather and Fred was her uncle. I visited Fred on a number of occasions at the house in the photograph during the early 1970’s.

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