Bairstow Endowed School
In 1711, Paul Bairstow, a native of Sowerby, described by Oliver Heywood as "a wild blade" in his youth, who had later amended his ways and entered ministry, made provision in his will for a charity to be established to pay a schoolmaster an annual salary of £16 to teach twelve poor children "living within the chapelry of Sowerby."

On the 15th May 1820 an advertisement appeared in the Leeds Intelligencer inviting applications for the post of schoolmaster "to teach English grammatically, Writing and Arithmetic", with knowledge of Latin an additional recommendation.

In 1866, however, the school, which had apparently been operating for years "at the lowest state of efficiency" was temporary closed and the twelve free scholars sent to Sowerby National School. In 1875, after application to the Charity Commissioners and appropriate financial arrangements had been made, the new schoolhouse and headmaster's house shown in the photograph were opened at the bottom of Rooley Lane at a cost of £1,862 5s 7d (£1,862.28).

In the foreground, a boy can be seen transporting a younger child in a perambulator made from a soapbox.

Declining population, however, resulted in the closure of the school in 1904, when the funds were utilised for other educational purposes and the school premises purchased by Eli Siddall, a Sowerby Bridge joiner, for £525 and converted into dwelling houses.

We would like to thank Dr John Hargreaves for allowing us to reproduce the photograph and text from his book "Sowerby Bridge in Old Photographs", page 138.

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Prospect House & Place
Eli Siddall divided the property into 5 dwellings and renamed the 4 of these as "Prospect Place". The fifth dwelling he named "Prospect House" and took up residence there with his family.

1911 Census

Address Name Rel Age   YOB    Occupation Where Born

Prospect House SIDDALL, Eli Head Married 56 1855 Retired Joiner Sowerby
Prospect House SIDDALL, Eliza Ann Wife Married
29 years

52 1859 Sowerby
Prospect House SIDDALL, Sarah Ann Daughter   Single 27 1884 Woollen Weaver Sowerby
Prospect House SIDDALL, Clara Daughter Single 24 1887 Woollen Weaver Sowerby
Prospect House SIDDALL, Millicent Elizabeth Daughter Single 18 1893 Sewing Machinist Sowerby

Prospect Place STANDEVEN, Jonathan Head Married 45 1866 Gas Meter Inspector   Sowerby
Prospect Place STANDEVEN, Annie Wife Married
19 years

44 1867 Sowerby
Prospect Place STANDEVEN, Selwyn Son Single 18† 1893 Iron Turner Sowerby
Prospect Place STANDEVEN, Milton Son 10† 1901 School Sowerby
Prospect Place STANDEVEN, Beatrice Annie Daughter 8† 1903 Sowerby

Prospect Place WHITAKER, Joseph Head Married 43† 1868 Cotton Twiner USA
Prospect Place WHITAKER, Martha J Wife Married
16 years

43† 1868 Sowerby
Prospect Place WHITAKER, Albert Son Single 15† 1896 Office Boy Sowerby

Prospect Place LEACH, Benjamin Head Married 31† 1880 Warehouseman Sowerby
Prospect Place LEACH, Mary Hannah Wife Married
2 years

31† 1880 Sowerby

Prospect Place WILSON, Job Head Widower   77† 1834 Retired Craker Halifax†
Prospect Place WILSON, Elizabeth Daughter Single 39† 1872 Wollen Weaver Halifax†
Prospect Place WILSON, Micanda Daughter Single 32† 1879 House Work Halifax†